QC Inspector

a)Responsible for inspecting the quality of all factors involved in work in progress and accomplished work to ensure that ití»s aligned with project scope, specification and drawings.
b)Quality Control emphasized testing of product to uncover defects and reporting to management who make the decisions to allow or deny the release.
c)Quality Assurance attempts to improve and stabilize production and associated processes to avoid or at least minimize issues that led defects in the first place.

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a)To liaise with other department regarding production related matters.
b)To liaise with Engineering Project Engineer and Production Engineer on the project schedule to ensure the project run smoothly as per planned schedule.
c)To deal with QA/QC Dept. for the quality inspection requirement.
d)To take photo on the status of project and produce report.
e)To report the status of project/work to Manufacturing/Production HOD/Manager.
f)To assist Production Supervisor in supervising welders, fitter and general workers.
g)Responsible for manpower planning and planning schedule for each jobs/projects.
h)To prepare materials, tools & equipment and consumables requisition to stores for jobs/projects and ensure materials are delivered to yard on time.

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a)To responsible for producing design engineering calculation, ensuring accuracy of design and shop drawings, developing and producing specification in accordance to design intent, ensuring correct selection of materials
b)To plan, directs and coordinates the project schedule and ensure the project schedule within plan and budgetary parameter.
c)To provide technical support in the progress of the project.

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a) The draughtsman will draft, design or modify drawings, shop drawing as build drawings as per specification and instruction from customer on CADWorx/StruCAD/P&ID.
b) Design plans using computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) software
c) Work from rough sketches and specifications created by engineers and architects
d) Help design products with engineering and manufacturing techniques
e) Add details to architectural plans from their knowledge of building techniques
f) Prepare multiple versions of designs for review by engineers and architects
g) Specify dimensions, materials, and procedures for new products
Work under the supervision of engineers or architects

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